Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Grandpa Mark Came to Visit

Sadly, it has already been two weeks since my dad has come down to spend the week with us. I hate how quickly that time goes. We all loved having him come for the week, I know the girls really enjoyed their special time with they had with him as well.
Since I work Monday through Friday in the mornings and the girls only go to school three of those days, Grandpa Mark was able to have a few mornings to hang out just him and Lillian and Claire. They enjoyed a lot of outside play time and walks. They would easily spend the entire day outside if we let them.
One of the afternoons, while the girls were napping (I was home), he ran to the store to pick up some flowers. Our front planters only have a few flowers that survived our summer heat. Dad thought it would be fun to have Lillian and Claire help plant flowers. I think it is safe to say that things did not go as he had expected. He ended up doing most of the work while they played in the dirt. Many of the flowers were being stepped on seconds after going into the soil. As a teacher, I always say, it is the process not the product we are after. I guess the same applies for this situation. The girls had a blast planting and that was the point of it, so I guess we can't be too sad the majority of the flowers are now dead, right?

At some point while planting, Dad said something about the girls needing a sandbox to play in, since they love playing in the dirt. Claire heard this and was so excited to show him the toys she played in the sand with at the beach earlier this summer. Who needs a sandbox?

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