Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Afternoon at the Park

As the weather cools we are trying to spend as much time as possible as a family outside. On Sunday afternoon we heading to the park after Lillian and Claire woke up from their nap. Once we pulled into the parking lot and the girls saw the playground they became very excited and they ran right to the equipment.
I find it funny that at home the girls are monkeys and climb all over everything, at the park they are just now starting to feel a little more comfortable climbing on things, they are still very unsure though.
One thing they did love was running in the large grassy area and they loved the lion water fountain. They kept trying to feed it sticks and he received many hugs and pets. They were sad to head home, but we will go back soon.

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  1. We are doing much the same - spending as much time outside as we can. They look they have a blast and have a special lion friend at the park!