Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tumble and Fall

In the afternoons after the girls wake up from their nap, most days we walk up the block holding hands to get our mail. Yesterday we went out for our walk and the girls stood on the circle (sewer cover) while I got the mail out of our box. I had an arm full since it has been a couple days since we checked it, so I tucked it all under my arm and we held hands walking back home.

Once we crossed the street and arrived to our driveway, I let go of their hands and they ran up to the flower beds in the front of the house and were smelling the flowers and pulling the flowers off the plants. Before I knew it Claire took a mad dash down the driveway and towards the street. Still with a pile of mail under my arm, I chased after her, but didn't catch her before she tripped and fell. At the end of our driveway there is a little dip for water to run down the street to the sewer. When walking both girls know to watch their step, but when running she lost control and fell. Claire planted her face right into the pavement in the street. Her nose started bleeding instantly, she was screaming, the mail went flying every where and Lillian was now laughing and running towards the street. I was in a panic, I scooped Claire up, grabbed Lillian's arm, and some how was able to get most of the mail. Lillian was not wanting to cooperate and go inside, Claire was starting to calm down once we were moving and I was talking to her, but we were both covered in blood.

Once inside Claire was no longer crying and we went straight to the bathroom. Claire sat on the counter and I was able to clean her up. Lillian was having a field day in their and unwound almost the whole roll of toilet paper. It took a bit for Claire's nose to stop bleeding, of course it doesn't help she didn't want me to hold tissue or anything to it. Oh well.
Last night her nose was a little tender when she would touch it or stick her finger in there and it was red on top. This morning, after starting to heal, you could see that the top of her nose was tore up, the side of her nose, the tip and just under it. I feel so bad for her, it does not look pretty at all and the above picture really does not so justice of how it really looks. Today she did not at all seem bothered by it, like she is in pain so that makes me happy.
I guess this teaches me that the girls are not yet ready to have that freedom in the front of the house. They laugh when they take off running and don't listen to my words when I tell them to stop. Some day.

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