Sunday, September 5, 2010

Little Explorers

This evening the girls and I went outside to play since the weather is finally cooling down and it isn't too hot to got out anymore. They were exploring everything and having a blast doing it.

Claire, of course, found a stick she had to chew on. Ick!
Lillian enjoyed the view from the "stool," aka upside down flower pot.
And on her way down the stairs.
They are getting so much faster climbing down the stairs by themselves. I am not yet brave enough to let them try going down the stairs in the house by themselves, maybe one day. For now we will stick with the three deck steps.
They saw something in the neighbors yard that really caught their attention, not sure what it is though.

Even though we did not have the sun overhead; it was starting to set, they still wanted the umbrella up.
Of course, there is always climbing going on.

They had so much fun crawling under the water table like it was their tunnel.
Since they couldn't find their ball, Claire decided to steal Leia's nasty tennis ball to hit around.

We also had to check out what was going on in the street.

Claire heard an airplane and was trying to spot it.
Lillian was also looking up trying to find it.

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