Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 Years Old

I can't believe my baby girls are now three years old. Last night we had our usual snuggles on the couch and read a book before putting them to bed. Unlike other nights, I dreaded putting them in bed. It was like Sunday night, you don't look forward to the week starting, so you hold off going to bed, like you can keep Monday morning from coming, only that doesn't work. I hugged my two year olds extra tight last night and shed a few tears. I love seeing them learn and develop and discover new things, but every birthday has been difficult for me, I want my babies to stay babies just a little bit longer.

 Josh and the girls right before we put them to bed.

Last night before Josh and I went to bed, we filled their bedroom floor with balloons. Josh woke up before they did this morning and heard Claire when she woke up, "Lillian, wake up. Look, balloons!" They were so excited and had a blast kicking, throwing, hitting and jumping around in them.

For months now, we have been asking the girls what they would like for their birthday and/or Christmas. The only thing they have both said over and over, is they want new honey (teddy) bears. When they told us this for the second or third time, Josh and I decided that we would take them to Build-a-Bear and let them pick out whatever bear and outfit they would like. Claire has said from the very beginning that she wants a pink bear, because that is her favorite color and spotted hers right away. Lillian took a little longer to choose her perfect bear. Once she spotted the the purple bear with hearts and peace signs, it was love at first sight.

Lillian had decided early on in the day that she did not want to smile or show any signs of happiness for the camera.

They waited to patiently for their turn.
Before you can close up your bear, you have to kiss a heart and fill your bear with love.
Lillian and Claire had so much fun picking out and making their own special bears. They did not want a special box to carry them out it, they were carried in their arms.

For lunch we headed to Red Robin, another favorite of the girls. They each ordered their own lunch, chicken fingers and french fries, but we skipped on dessert since we had cake waiting for us at home.

Lillian once again refused to show a smile, so she covered her face with the menu.
Shortly after arriving back home this afternoon, we put the girls down for a nap, and they actually took one! Grandma Pattie and Grandpa Jim stopped by this evening for cake and ice cream, oh and more presents. First the girls opened a special birthday package that came earlier this week in the mail from Grandpa Mark and Grandma Sandy, which resulted in a gasp and excitement for a new princess crown and jewels. Those will go along great with the princess dress up clothes Grandpa Mark bought them when we were in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.
They received some fun games and scooters from Grandma Pattie and Grandpa Jim, which have already been put together and taken for a test drive.

Claire is modeling her jewels from Grandpa Mark. They have been worn all evening long.

I ran out of frosting while making this cake, so it is a little sad looking, but still tasted delicious.

This is the result when Claire grabs the camera and starts taking pictures. If her tiny fingers were not in the way, I bet she would have some really cute shots. Just look at that smile Lillian is flashing.


  1. Happy Birthday Girlies!! It's so hard to be a want them to grow and you want them to stop too!

  2. awww, happy birthday to your sweet girls! i can't believe they're 3!

    we did the balloons for the boys' birthday too, and i'm still finding half-deflated balloons around the house, three weeks later. yeesh!