Monday, December 19, 2011

A Colorful Party

Saturday we celebrated Lillian and Claire's 3rd birthday with family and friends. Several months ago when the girls started talking nonstop about their birthday, I asked them what type of party they wanted. Together they decided they wanted a yellow party with balloons hanging from the ceiling. Well, we had some yellow, but I also added a bunch of other colors to make a rainbow party. Oh and we also had the balloons, just as they wanted.
Last year I stressed myself out and didn't get a head start on any of the party projects I wanted to get done and making all the food perfect. Well, there was a ton of left over food because not many people at the treats and I ran out of time and energy to get everything done I wanted to.  I decided this year there was going to be a lot less stressful for me. I started the printing and cutting of the banner and other items well over a month ago, as well as, use a box mix for the cupcakes instead of an over the top by scratch recipe like last year. Also, instead of making all of the food, I made a fruit tray and veggie tray, but we ordered pizzas and they seemed to be a hit.

 The "3" hung on our front door and greeted the guests as they arrived. I cut a giant 3 out of card board and hot glued grosgrain ribbon in rainbow order to cover the number. The girls loved it and so do I. I took down our Christmas wreath for the party and the 3 will stay on the door until after the girls actual birthday on Thursday.

 Even the water was colorful!

 We had a rainbow hanging from the ceiling and punching balloons which all the kids loved.
 As I stated above, the cupcakes were from a box mix, but with a bit of a flare. I did make the vanilla butter cream frosting, but I couldn't get it to spread nicely, I think it was still a little too thick. They sure did taste good though.
 The birthday girls cupcakes. The entire evening, Claire kept climbing into the chair right by the cupcakes and wanted to eat hers so badly. I am sure there were a few little finger pokes in them.

A fun surprise when you bite into the cupcakes. 

 My yummy rainbow fruit tray, which also had many little fingers picking at it all evening.

The only thing missing from the table is the pizza.

Josh helped me make chocolate covered pretzel rods with rainbow sprinkles. A little salty, a little sweet, but a whole lot of deliciousness.

The girls received many wonderful gifts at their party. Thank you to everyone who helped make their day so special.

Their faces lit up when they saw Josh coming into the living room with the candles lit on their cupcakes.

Each of their friends that came were able to pick out a ball on their way home. Actually, the balls were picked out of the bucket earlier in the evening and played with throughout the party.

Thank you again to everyone who was able to make it, Grandma Pattie and Grandpa Jim, Aunt Maggie and Uncle Baris, Kylie, Kelly, Josh and Hudson, Rachel and Olivia, Jennie, Brett and Sammie.

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  1. aww, great party! simple, but looks so awesome. love it!