Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

I was really bummed this Christmas because Josh had to work both Christmas Eve and day, but it all ended up working out. On Christmas Eve, Josh got home from work with enough time to shower and change before headed out for church. The service was wonderful. It was a family service, so the girls came with us to the "big people church" and did amazingly well. While singing, Lillian put her hand up to my mouth and said, "mommy, stop singing." When every song was ending, she would say, "we all done singing now." Claire seemed to love all the music and singing going on around her, she didn't say a peep. When Pastor Dan started to speak, he asked all the kids, "whose birthday is it?" The appropriate response would be Jesus, not my Lillian. Lillian shouted back, "it's my birthday! It's my birthday!" We all than sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and the girls both puffed their chests out and were so proud of everyone singing them Happy Birthday. We ended the service with all the lights turned off and one by one we lit candles we held while singing, my favorite, Silent Night. Right in the middle of the peace and calm in the room, my little Lillian shouts out, "Mommy, I got to go potty!" Nice. After service we headed back home with Grandma Pattie and Grandpa Jim and ate a Papa Johns pizza. Nothing says Christmas like having a pizza delivered to the house.
The girls helped Josh get cookies and milk ready for Santa before going to bed for the night. We told them that Santa only delivers presents when little girls are asleep, wouldn't you know, they feel asleep much quicker than normal. However, they did spend roughly 15 minutes wishing each other a Merry Christmas and talking about Santa's visit before they fell asleep.
I was not looking forward to Christmas morning with Josh stuck working. It didn't feel right. Well, we were blessed, because Josh was able to come home to help me get the girls out of bed in the morning and he was there to watch the girls open up every last gift they received under the tree. It was wonderful. We kept the gifts to a minimum. Lillian and Claire don't know the difference right now and there were very few items they mentioned the past few months they wanted.

 They both sat down so nicely waiting for each gift to be handed to them and Lillian made sure Josh and I were not forgotten, she wanted to grab gifts to give us to open as well.
 So let me tell you, I think those Sing-a-ma-jigs are beyond annoying, but every time Claire saw one at the store, her face would light up and she was ask for one. I decided, against my better judgement, I pick one up for each of the girls. Claire was instant smiles and Lillian was ready for her next gift.
 Another items Claire has been begging for is a drum. Actually, she really wants the drum sticks, so again, against my better judgement, I bought a drum for the girls and a set of maracas. Eek, I should know better than that.

 Their big gift this year was a dollhouse. It stands over a foot taller than them and is plenty big for both of the girls to play together and not have to fight over space. The love it!

 Josh had to head back to the road as soon as we finished opening gifts, but we were glad he was able to spend part of the morning with us.

That evening after Josh got home from work his parents and his sister Maggie and her husband Baris, came to our house for dinner and more gifts.

 Aunt Maggie brought the girls some of her old Care Bears from when she was a little girl since her other gift has not arrived in the mail yet. Claire loves her "new pink honey bear from Aunt Maggie."

Lillian and Claire snacked all afternoon and by the time dinner was served they were no longer hungry. I made a delicious french dip, twice baked loaded mashed potatoes and a corn casserole for dinner, but since we all snacked so much before, we all had to force ourselves to eat even more, but we managed.

We had a wonderful Christmas and were happy to be able to spend with some family, but there was certainly a lot of family that was missed this holiday season.

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