Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another Meeting with Santa

Last night we had to run some errands for those last minute birthday party items (a post about today's party will hopefully come tomorrow). We just finished grabbing our last item at Price Chopper and was heading towards the check out lane when we hear, "Wanna come sit on my lap? Ho, ho, ho." Now this could go several different ways. You see, neither Josh or I saw Santa sitting behind us on his Coke case throne built for him, so we were a bit startled. The girls were excited, but confused when they saw Santa sitting there. Claire this time was eager and ready to go by Santa, the opposite of their first meeting last month. Lillian had no interest of getting out of the shopping cart. Santa was okay with that, and said he would come stand by them. Neither of them were afraid this time, just a bit unsure. Santa gave them each a baby candy cane before we left and the girls were in heaven. While we stood in line and waited out turn, they would not take their eyes off of him and kept asking questions. We're getting there.

 Just one more quick picture of our stockings. I made mine and Josh's stockings yesterday afternoon, so now our mantle is complete.
Dad, all of the fabrics on our stockings are the same that is used in the quilt I made for you and Sandy.

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