Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My babies are 4 months old!

I can't believe how fast four months can fly by and how much our girls have changed in that short amount of time. Sorry I don't have my monthly picture to post tonight, but we had two very grumpy babies at home. Claire has been feeling better, still a slight temp, but not at all as high as it was yesterday. Lillian ran a small temp tonight as well, probably from their vaccinations today, but overall they are doing great. Alright, onto their 4 month stats. Claire weighed in at 13lbs. 7 oz. and is 25 inches long (sorry, I think I told a few people the wrong length). Lillian is 13lbs and 24 1/2 inches long, (again, I think I said the wrong length). I will take their monthly picture tomorrow, if they are in better spirits, and add it in the evening. 

Oh, and if anyone has any ideas on how to get them in and out of daycare without having to carry them both in their car seat carriers I am open for ideas. They are getting so heavy and it is causing my body so much pain carrying them both this way now. I would use our stroller, but it is such a pain to get in and out of the trunk of my car. Thanks!

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