Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sorry it has been a week.

Sorry it has been over a week since I lost posted. It has been a busy week around here, but a good one. Lillian has had a very stuffy nose since last weekend so that has caused her a lot of discomfort, but we have proped her up while sleeping at night and that has really helped her. Yesterday we the local Mom's of Multiples group, Double Joy, garage sale and I sold some of my maternity clothes and the girls newborn sizes that don't fit them anymore. It was actually very refreshing putting my maternity clothes on the rack to be done with them. Almost all of the girls items sold as well. Friday night after the set up for the sale was finished, I was able to do some presale shopping and found some great deals! 
This weekend Dad and Sandy also made a last minute trip down here. It was so great seeing them and Lillian and Claire had lots of cuddle time with them. We went out for lunch and the girls slept through that, so we all went to the mall and they were happy as can be checking everything out from their stroller. It was crazy through how many other twins we saw at the mall, it was almost as if there were a twin convention at the mall :-) It was sad seeing them head off to the airport this morning, but it will only be a month and a half and we are heading to Wisconsin and we will be able to see everyone again. 
Hopefully later this evening I will have a chance to upload a few new pictures of these growing girls. 

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