Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day Four - Potty Training

Today sort of started out a bust. We had the girls in diapers all morning, but to be able to take them to Deanna Rose Farmstead and see the excitement on their faces was worth it. We have been talking about going to see the animals for a few days now and the have been talking nonstop about them. They were also very excited for Aunt Maggie to join us and have been asking constantly to see her.
Our first stop was the baby goats. They were so cute and once you have a bottle of milk in your hands they swarm. Josh bought a bottle for both Lillian and Claire. They giggled watching the goats fight each other for a drink.

It was great being able to let the girls do more walking then being pushed in the stroller. They loved the freedom and they did such a great job following directions and staying close.

After Deanna Rose we went for lunch and Noodles & Co. always a yummy treat, then had to make a stop at the bank to take care of some business. The girls did great, but eventually got to the point where they were ready to leave, which made ready to leave. :-)  
When we returned home they both went potty on their potty chair and it was time for naps. We spent the rest of the evening at home in underwear. Claire ran into their room and was really quiet. Josh went in to check on her and she pooped in her undies. This is the first since we started training on Saturday and we knew at some point it was bound to happen, however that was her only accident for the night. She managed to stay dry through dinner and while we were outside playing.
Lillian had a few accidents this afternoon. The first was before dinner. The second was while we were outside playing, but that was because she refused to go before went out and after she had about 5 oz of water with snack and another 6 oz of milk with dinner. She did however have her first poop in the potty chair tonight. She was so excited and Claire was also excited for her. It is so funny hearing everyone cheer over something so gross.

I am sure many of you are getting sick of all the pee and poop talk, so you might as well gear up for at least one or two more days of talk and then I will move onto something else. I promise.

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  1. We need to make a trip out there! The girls are doing so good on the potty training!