Monday, June 27, 2011

Day Two - Potty Training

Sunday was day two of potty training. Again, it had its ups and downs like day one, but overall the girls are doing great! In the morning, the girls were much more willing to go right into their undies and be big girls. They did not beg for diapers again. The first part of the morning went well, no accidents for the first two hours. They had a small snack and a sippy with water. After drinking roughly 6 oz of water we had a few accidents the hour before lunch. Lillian had two and Claire had three. They did finish on the potty chair, so that is a plus. Both Lillian and Claire stayed dry though lunch and stayed accident free until nap time. We have been telling them that diapers are only for when they are sleeping, the rest of the day they are big girls in undies.
After nap time they were excited to put their undies back on and stayed dry the rest of the evening. While eating dinner, Lillian told us she had to go potty, so I quickly got her out of her and she sat down on the potty chair and went potty. Once she was done, she was ready to eat again.
We had to run to the grocery store in the evening to pick a few items up, so unfortunately, they had to put on diapers. I am not to the point where I trust taking them out of the house in undies. Lillian did not want to take her undies off, so we just put her diaper on over them. They were great in the store, they always draw attention of other customers, which slows us down, but we are used to it now.
On the way home, Lillian told us she needed to go potty and we were only about half a mile from the house. As soon as we got home, we rushed up stairs and sat down on the potty chair. She did have a slightly wet undies, but that was to be expected. It did seem like she saved most of her urine for the potty chair, because she went in full force. Claire also had a wet diaper. Both girls kept their undies dry the rest of the evening, except for a little whoops on Lillian's part right before bed. She had to go potty, so she ran to sit down, but she forgot to pull her undies down. Whoops. Claire had another big poop on the potty last night. This is the second night in a row. I am so glad she doesn't have the fear of pooping without a diaper. Lillian tried, but just couldn't do it.
I would call day two another success.


  1. Heyyyyyy, cute shirts! And that's great about their PT success. Yay!

  2. Pam, they love their monkey shirts. We give them stickers for their successes and they like to put them on the eyes for eyeballs. :-)