Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bye Bye Mommy

Josh and I joined our local community center so we could go workout, use the indoor pool with the girls, and take fitness classes. They have a great child care center in the community center and they girls love going there. I took them Monday morning and as we were walking in the front doors they were very excited to check out the toddler sized frog water slide in the pool area. We always have to check out the pool before and after the girls go to their child care room. As soon as we walked into their room, Lillian quickly hurried to get checked in and turned around to wave to me and say "bye bye mommy!" After my work out, I went to go pick them up and they both pretended I was not there. They did the same thing at church on Sunday. They then decided to wave and tell me bye bye again, ready for me to leave again because they were not finished playing.
On Tuesday evening, Josh and I went to drop them off again and they both started saying bye to both of us right away. I am so glad they are having fun while we work out. There are usually a bunch of other children in the room with them, both bigger and smaller kids and they love being around big kids. At church, they are now some of the older kids in their room, so I think it is a good thing they get to play with other children more often now.

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