Sunday, May 29, 2011

Non Potty Training

We are kind of but not really potty training. We have started having the girls sit down on their potty chairs with every diaper change and they almost always pee while sitting. The last few days they have also been interested in wearing their undies (this is the word we have decided to use in our house, not underwear, under roos, panties, or whatever else you may call them) around the house. They only wear them for an hour, maybe two at a time and then ask for a diaper again. Since we are not really potty training, I am just fine with them choosing to wear a diaper if they ask for it. Really, they are only in the undies when they ask for them or pick a pair out of their drawer when they want to wear them.
On Friday morning, Claire did not want to wear a diaper and went to pick out the undies she wanted to wear. She wore them for almost two hours and kept them dry the whole time. She did awesome at pulling them down when she needed to potty or just because. There were a few times she stripped them off and wanted to run around with a bare bum. Hey, whatever... she didn't have accidents and that is the key. At lunch time, I asked her to try to pee before she sat down for lunch and she did. She then decided she was ready for her diaper again. Lillian had no interest in undies that day until we were getting ready for bed.
On Saturday they both wore them for an hour or so in the morning. After both having an accident, they decided they wanted their diaper on again. Since we are letting them make this choice right now and we are not pushing the potty training, we did as they asked.
Today, Sunday, They both wanted their undies on again this evening. Claire kept her undies dry right up until it was time to get ready for bed. She was not happy having to put a diaper on, but we are not yet comfortable putting her to bed without one. Lillian had a small accident, but it did not discourage her and she was not ready for her diaper yet.
We will continue not potty training this way for a bit longer and hopefully soon they will just want to wear their undies all day long and give up on diapers. This all start on accident because the girls wanted their big girl undies, cross your fingers for us our non potty training journey will be short.

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