Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcoming Summer

Well, summer has unofficially began and we have the heat to prove it. With temps already reaching close to 90 degrees and a hot sun blaring down, the idea of setting the girls free to run nonstop in the yard did not sound like fun. Instead, I filled their water table while Josh dressed the girls in their bathing suits to prepare for the wet mess they would become.
Lillian was refusing to put on her suit thinking she was going to have to go swimming, but after promising her there will not be a swimming pool she started to give in. Claire, on the other hand, was very eager to put on her suit and get outside. Once we got out the door, they both let out squeals of joy and soaked themselves. Lillian chased everyone around to dump water on us, but was stood there shocked when Claire did it to her. They both threw fits when it was time to head in, but even with an umbrella over them, there is only so much sun and heat their little bodies can handle.

I have a cute video, but apparently Blogger won't let me upload it. I will try again another day.

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